14 Mar 2013


I made it into the local news rag!

I was contacted by the promoters for the upcoming Canberra Marathon as someone they could write an article about as a way of promoting both the Australian Running Festival and my Australian Sweep attempt.
Anyone who knows me, would realise I jumped at the chance. A chance to talk all about myself? Of course I will!
They called a few days later to say the local paper would be in contact. So last Thursday I met with the reporter (@JustineMB_29) and photographer and blabbed about myself for twenty minutes. Kudos to them too, they were really good at appearing interested! ^_^

Anyways here is a picture of the article as it appeared, and a sports feature at that! The article is also available online.  People who remember me from my high school days wouldn't have predicted this was ever possible I'm sure!

I was slightly disappointed that my Blog didn't get a mention, but I'm sure the PR team were also slightly disappointed that there wasn't more information about the Canberra Marathon too haha!

So that's my 2 minutes of fame, what else have I been up to...?
I've been very busy at work lately. I was never one to blog often, but I have been meaning to write more often than this!

I haven't stuck to my training program well lately, it's been broken apart by some "inconvenient" music festivals and long awaited band tours, I'll write more about that in another post!

Roller Coaster Run is this weekend and I'm looking forward to it even if I do feel under prepared. I'm just excited to meet more of this awesome running community and share some sweat in a new environment!

I've found out my bib number is going to be 522 and there is a live results tracker online over here at tomatoresults.com.au - tune in if you are interested, the race starts at 7AM DST (GMT+11) and the way I'm feeling, we'll just be scraping through the cutoffs :D
Some of my friends are running this as well - Kai (512), Kerry (538), Sally (607), Raj (570), and Shane (120)

That's all for now, so a good few questions for today are;
What sort of distractions do you allow to 'interfere' with your program?
What do you think when you compare yourself now to way back in your school days?