7 Oct 2013


Happy Birthday to Me, Spent my Birthday in Sydney

So the day after Sydney Marathon was my birthday and I shouted myself an extra night in Sydney after the race to allow me to "celebrate" a little more!
I thought I'd do this in a separate post to the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival post so I could bombard you with more of my pictures from my Sydney "holiday"

obligatory selfie time!

Although not much happened beyond me finding a whole bunch of places to drink... I did have a great stroll around Sydney CBD Sunday afternoon and totally abused the crap out of the fact we could travel on the trains for free with our finisher medals...!!

I wandered back down to the Opera House to catch some more of the glorious sunshine. So it seems this is also where everyone who ran that day also decided to go for a drink or four - there were plenty of joyful drunk runners at the Opera Bar, medals on display!

Bier - tastes the same as Beer - Yum
After a bit of a nap in the sunshine I headed back into the CBD and had dinner at the bar in this neat place called the Bavarian Bier Cafe - the food was great as were the staff in full-on German get-up and if it weren't for the fact I decided I was heading off to the cinema I think I could have sunk a few more brews there!

Now fairly inebriated and having decided to treat myself to a movie - I went and saw Elysium at eVent Cinemas (George street) - aside from the fact it had Matt Damon in it, the movie itself was awesome, or maybe I was the right amount of relaxed to enjoy it... either way, hire it on DVD or similar :)

Anyways my actual birthday was spent mostly wandering around the city yet again, but luckily I was joined by @FionaABennett for part of my day. Being a Sydney local she took me on a mini tour of the city.
We went back to the Opera House and had brunch at the Opera Kitchen before we tried to sneak into the Opera House itself.... After failing miserably we headed to her pool, the Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool, where I successfully managed to not look like I was drowning by accidentally waving to a friend while in the pool....
poolside, lovely and relaxing, even for those of us better at drowning ;)
whats up with that?
weird stuff in Sydney
Before we parted ways, Fiona was kind enough to finally get me that cupcake she had promised me :) albeit so late in the day, our options were only Salted Caramel, or Salted Caramel... despite its apparently unpopular status, we found them quite delicious - even if we ate them like homeless bums... lol
Bums eating fancy cupcakes!

The last part of my day was coming home to Melbourne in time to have dinner with the lovely Jenine who had worked out the perfect place for my final Birthday feast, a 24-hour restaurant in Melbourne called Stalactites! The food was amazing and the service exemplary and FAST!
I couldn't possibly resist this beverage!
The funniest part of this end of the day was me explaining to the waitress which drink I wanted... "The Beer starting with V" I said, which was met with laughter and followed with the correct pronunciation... Regardless, This Vergina beer is quite nice and I'd highly recommend it to anyone ;)

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes I received on Twitter and Facebook - love you all!