4 Jan 2013


A summary of 2012 and the goals for 2013!

I don't want to bore you too much and since many other bloggers have already posted the same stuff, I just want to close off 2012 with a summary of my running achievements for the year!

I was impressed that @paulrunslong was able to cover this same information with a single tweet - well done mate, who needs a blog!

Total running distance for 2012: 2012 km

It became apparent that I would break 2000km for the year, which quickly changed to a goal of 2012, so I made a point to stop running for the year at that total exactly!

Here I am being all happy with my 2012th kilometer for the year!

I finished the year with 6km of this soft sand!
Obligatory #PlankADay after my "easy" run!


I completed my second comrades race for the extra back to back medal (completing both up and down runs) in 11h27m.
I ran my first ever sub-4 marathon for a PB of 3h55m at Melbourne Marathon.
I managed a new PB at a local (hilly) 5k race of 24mins which was also the first time I had ran a race alongside my 13 year old brother.
Nearly finished - in Durban South Africa for Comrades!
Celebrating my MM medal with my Bro!

In total I ran 4 marathons and 3 ultras for the year as well as a handful of shorter local races. My first half marathon since July '11 was the #VirtualHalfMary which was also the first ever virtual race I'd been a part of, the stats for which are over here on Steve's blog.
I also ran my first ever mudrun, The Stampede in Melbourne, and absolutely loved it!
My gorgeous Stampede outfit
The biggest part of 2012 has been the new friends I've formed in running; through the events themselves, the Melbourne Marathon and Comrades Facebook groups as well as my loving twitter family!

What about 2013?

Well the goals for 2013 were clear, I'll be trying to get my Aussie sweep done. But since I already had a calendar full of events, I decided to also take on the #13in2013 challenge. I'm taking the 26.2 challenge, so I will hopefully be running in 13 events of marathon distance (or greater) in 2013!
I'd also like to see my marathon times improve and I'll be chasing some sub 40min 10k, sub 100min half, and generally faster times. With that comes more responsible eating, and more care for my body through strength and flexibility work.

How was your running year? Link me to your blog post!
What are your running or life goals for 2013?