5 Jan 2013


Training for Surf T Surf 10k and Cadbury Marathon

This is just an update to let people see how I am approaching the upcoming Cadbury Marathon in Hobart, given I have a local 10k race the weekend prior, it has presented a few challenges!

It's no joke, 2013 will be a challenge, I've never ran this many events ever before, but I do believe the training I've put myself through for Comrades has me more than prepared for the tough challenges ahead!

People have recently asked me lots of questions about training and how to prepare for Back-to-Back races. I am by no means an expert (that crown belongs to Marathon Man!) but over time I have been fortunate enough to sap advice from various veterans in the sport and this has allowed me to manage myself fairly well so far (touch wood!!). The simplest way is to treat one of the races as a training run, and take it easy!

These are some rules-of-thumb that a lot of training programs follow:

  1. Never run two hard days in a row. 
  2. Regularly schedule easy weeks into your program. 
  3. Taper off the training prior to race day (despite my running friend George's habits, I do not believe in the 'reverse taper' theory).

That's pretty much the formula I follow. I like to swap out intervals or hill training for alternative cardio/strength sessions if I'm not in the mood or it doesn't fit my schedule.

This is an example of what a training month would look like for me at the moment
Wk Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 6k easy Intervals REST 14k easy Intervals REST 28k LSD
2 REST 8k Tempo REST 14k easy Intervals REST 32k LSD
3 8k easy Long Intervals REST 16k easy Hill Reps REST 34k LSD
4 6k easy Intervals REST 10k easy Intervals REST 20k easy

Preparation for Hobart has been a little more challenging as I have also been pushing my speed work hard to attempt a PB at the local Surf't'Surf 10km race the weekend prior. I think training with both races in mind means that I am probably going to be primed for a race distance somewhere in the middle, and not a PB at either event!!
This would probably explain my second best ever Half-Marathon time of 1:47 for the #VirtualHalfMary recently!

So what rules do you follow when building a training program?
What alternative suggestions do you have for cardio, flexibility or strength sessions?