3 Jan 2013


Racing schedule changes... Wedding beats GCM!

So I recently had to drop the Gold Coast Marathon off my list for 2013. This is because my mate @beefysworld is getting married, and as much as I would love to do GCM, I love this guy too much to miss his wedding!!

The lovely couple (left of picture) rocking out Stampede Melbourne this year!
This means I've had to shuffle my schedule again, now I will be taking on the Brisbane Marathon instead! Head on over to my schedule page for the latest details.

There were quite a few people I had planned to meet up or run with for GCM so I'm sorry we won't be able to this time around! As an aside, this gives me a chance to remind you that if you are planning on running or spectating at one of the events I will be at, please get in touch as I would love to catch up with you sometime around the event. I would like to organise a dinner the night prior to each race to catch up with twitter and Facebook friends.

First off will be Hobart, so if you are going to be around for the Cadbury Marathon and would like to meet up with me (and my cute little daughter) the evening prior to race day for some steak and chips - drop me a line on fb, or twitter or leave a comment below!