8 Oct 2013


The End of my Aussie Sweep at Melbourne Marathon this weekend

Yes this Sunday I will be running onto the MCG to finish my 4th Melbourne Marathon, but more importantly, it will mark the final race in my Australian Sweep of marathons for the year!

I'm hoping to see as many of you fellow runners, tweeps, friends and family either in the days prior, on the course on race day, or afterwards to share in the experience of one of my biggest achievements in running to date - hopefully capped off with a new PB!

I've spluttered around on Twitter and Facebook about various meet-ups so as promised I'm posting my plans up here to see who can make it wherever possible - happy to catch with anyone just drop me a line if you have other plans, so we can link up!

So here's my schedule for the weekend...

Lygon Street Carlton
Friday Dinner - Lygon Street  - I won't be getting into Melbourne until late, but if you are interested in doing the proper Carb-loading session on a Friday night, you should join my old mate Digger - he'll likely be organising dinner somewhere in Lygon Street with a group  of awesome runners - I went last year and it was an easygoing evening where I got to make some new friends whilst stuffing my face with pasta! If you want to know more, check out this post in the Melbourne Marathon Facebook Group

Saturday Lunch - Richmond Hill Cafe - I plan to be in the City in the afternoon and will head to the expo first then I'll be meeting some runners for coffee and cake at the Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder on Bridge Road in Richmond at 2pm. It's only a relatively short walk from the expo and all are welcome - I'll probably end up there for a few hours so hit me up on Twitter or Facebook if you want to catch up and you can't find me.

Saturday Dinner - Mt View Hotel - I will join Digger and his crew for the ritual Steak and chips at Mt View Hotel again on Bridge Road in Richmond which should be anything from 5pm onwards to cater for everyone looking for an early night. It's a great chance to meet some seasoned runners and shake off (or possibly worsen) those pre-race nerves. Post up on the Melbourne Marathon Facebook group if you want any more info on this, or again, hit me up directly on Twitter or Facebook.

Sunday after the race - Transport Bar - I'll get cleaned up and then head to the Transport Bar in fed square for a light feed and some heavy drinks. This is a popular post-race location with runners as you can (hopefully) sit in the sun enjoying a few refreshing beverages as you watch the battlers still finishing their marathon. I'll probably get there about noon and hang around for a few hours with my fellow Aussie Sweepers Simon and Dilwyn as we will all be celebrating in a big way, so make sure and congratulate them too!

Sunday Afternoon - Mt View Hotel - I'll be joining Digger and hopefully a large group of awesome Facebook peeps at the Diggers after Melbourne Marathon get together - back at the Mt View Hotel in Richmond, from about 3pm onwards. This will be held in a function room and a small fee will be required to cover snacks for all, see the Facebook event for details.

After that I'll probably head somewhere in search of my usual Post-Marathon-Curry-Feast but I have no idea what condition I will be in, no doubt I'll be tweeting drunken gibberish, so you have that to look forward to! :)

Anyways that is MY plan for the weekend, I can't wait to run this race and I'm super keen to hear everyone's own tales afterwards!