14 Feb 2013


Schedule Updates and my #13in2013 plan

This is a post for the #13in2013 challenge more than anything, I've settled on my dates for races for the calendar year, so my schedule page has been updated!

I now have my 13 Marathon+ races for the year planned which are comprised of 8 Marathons and 5 Ultras.

My 13in2013 schedule is as follows:

  1. TAS: Cadbury Marathon, Hobart - 13th January
  2. VIC: Roller Coaster Run (43km Trail), Mount Dandenong - 16th March
  3. ACT: Australian Running Festival (Marathon), Canberra - 14th April
  4. VIC: Great Ocean Road Marathon (45km Road), Apollo Bay - 19th May
  5. SA: Barossa Marathon, Tanunda - 26th May
  6. VIC: Crater 2 Coast (50km Road), Warrnambool - 16th June
  7. VIC: Trails Plus You Yangs 50/50 (50km Trail), Little River - 21st July
  8. QLD: Brisbane Marathon, Brisbane - 4th August
  9. NT: Alice Springs Marathon, Alice Springs - 18th August
  10. WA: Perth City to Surf Marathon, Perth - 25th August
  11. NSW: Blackmores Sydney Running Festival (Marathon), Sydney - 22nd September
  12. VIC: Medibank Melbourne Marathon, Melbourne - 13th October
  13. VIC: Marysville Marathon (50km Trail), Marysville - 17th November
I've already completed the first race, and you can read my Race Report on the Cadbury Marathon if you would like to know more about that one, I'll try and keep the #13in2013 group updated as I complete each event!

I tried to order some cool #13in2013 custom running tees from the 13in2013 Facebook group, but the company wanted to charge as much for shipping as for the shirt itself!! So I cancelled the order and decided I need to find a nice and reasonably-priced local custom shirt company if I am going to participate in the fashion side of the running group!

Following the #13in2013 hashtag on Twitter has been fun, and a lot of people in the challenge are already at their fourth of fifth event already! These are mostly 5km events, but nonetheless motivating to see such excitement from all the participants as they knock over their goals!

Now that reminds me, we have to appreciate one particular man - Trent Morrow - who has already knocked over his 13in2013 for the year! Trent aka Marathon Man, is on his way to a record attempt of 160+ Marathons for the year. He recently completed his 13th event which you can read about here. I highly recommend you get behind this guy, he is running for a number of charities and to top it off, is a super friendly guy!