16 Mar 2013


Festival season! Soundwave, Stone Sour, Presidents of USA and brokenribs!

Well I have to put this totally non running related post here!
I'm just recovering from going to Linkin Park at Rod Laver Arena (a sidewave), then Soundwave Festival, and then a week later I got to see the Presidents of United States of America.
I was basically going to Soundwave to see Stone Sour and Bullet For My Valentine. The rest was a bonus.
In the week prior to Soundwave I got handed tickets for corporate box seats at Linkin Park who were being supported by Stone Sour! Hell yes!
So I had the fancy suit treatment in our corporate box, ate a heap of appetisers , and drank my body weight in alcohol. Had a great time enjoying the music in a nice and relaxed environment!
My fav part of Stone Sour @ Rod Laver Arena

Next I went to Soundwave and drank myself silly again and jumped into the circle pit for Bullet For My Valentine. I got hit so hard I was convinced I had a broken rib so decided to take it easy for the rest of the night since I was struggling to breathe!
I'm thinking a runner's body doesn't belong in these brutal pits... maybe I should do some more upper body strength training!!

Some of the craziness in the pit at Soundwave

It was so bad it took me 4 days before I ran again. My lung capacity was down and I was worried about the Roller Coaster Run in a few weeks! I struggled with heart rate only just over 130 and every movement ached from front to rear of the guilty rib. With each day, my body recovered more and so I was confident there were no issues that would stop me getting to my next race.
Thankfully I recovered well, and assumed it was only bruising, not a break! Just in time for the PUSA Concert!
PUSA doing their thing!

I went with a group of friends and we had a ball. I danced and jumped around the whole time and yes, drank myself silly again. It was a much gentler crowd this time, so my ribs were safe!
The next morning however, I woke to the worst calf pain ever, it felt like I'd been standing on my toes all night (probably was).. So tight and sore!

A few short runs, foam rolling and stretching got everything in order the week leading up to my Roller Coaster Run eperience, but I really did test my body limits with these inconvenient music festivals!

Moral of the story is, epic festivals should be treated with respect and if you plan on racing any time around attending a festival, be careful at the show!