23 May 2013


Top Australian Running Blogs

So apparently, there are only ten Running Blogs in Australia and as a result mine has made the top ten!?
Over at RunStopShop, they have a competition going where you can vote on "Who is your favourite Australian Running Blogger?"
I think the winning blog gets a free meat pie and a pat on the back, or something similar...

click here to vote for one of the other blogs

I don't expect many results, someone else seems to clearly have the support of the Internet behind them... But I still thought it noteworthy to mention that I made such a list, which I find mildly astounding!

Personally on that list I'd recommend visiting Amy's blog "Thoroughly Nourished Life" and definitely head over to Jenelle's "Mummy loves to run"

While on the topic, some other blogs I think deserve a place moreso than mine include the awesome Kate at "RunWithKate" which is a really fun regular read, and the similarly awesome but much more spiritual Roz at "RunSisterRun"

Kate (Left) and Roz (Right)

Last but not least, the epic challenges ahead for Trent aka "Marathon Man" should place him miles above any other blogger! He's just tipped past 50 marathons for the year taking in races all over the world in his quest to get his name in the Guinness book of records!

So again, if you have the time, please head on over to the voting page and select my name from the bottom of their list! (or either Amy or Jenelle's blogs)